About Salicin

Salicin Skincare specialises in products to soothe and replenish sensitive skin and irritated scalps.

About Salicin

Salicin skincare cleanses, conditions and restores sensitive skin, hair and scalps. Unlike mainstream products, Salicin does not contain the synthetic preservatives known to cause skin irritation. It also emulates the calming, anti-itching benefits of now-banned coal tar products, but without the publicised healthcare concerns.

Formulated with white willow bark, dead sea salt, aloe vera and radish root ferment filtrate, the symbiotic effect of the four ingredients is what creates our 100% natural preservative. You can find out more about how each ingredient works in our blog post here.

All of our products are vegan-friendly, paraben-free and fragrance-free.

Our Story

UK-based Salicin was founded in 2018 by two partners, Lynne MacGregor and Rosie Vero. Lynne’s husband Keith is our in-house chemist, and Salicin was born when a friend of his approached him to create something that would soothe his skin problem. After four years in the making, a case of serendipity brought Lynne and Rosie together. Lynne is master of all things operations, while Rosie has a marketing background.  a new and effective treatment to people with sensitive skin.